Signs prohibiting pallet storage
  • Signs prohibiting pallet storage

Signs prohibiting pallet storage

Signs prohibiting pallet storage

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Signage for prohibited pallet storage using light projection

The purpose of this sign is to warn workers or visitors that it is forbidden to place pallets or other objects in certain areas, by projecting an effective light panel.

This restriction is generally put in place for safety reasons. Furthermore, storing objects in areas exposed to light projections can interfere with the proper operation of equipment or processes using these devices.

Consequently, the "Prohibited storage by light projection on pallets" sign is intended to ensure the safety of people and the preservation of the integrity of operations in industrial or storage environments where such devices are used. It is important that workers and visitors understand and respect these indications to avoid accidents and maintain a safe working environment.

LIGHTPUB's innovative light panel projection technology for industrial safety

Reinforcing Industrial Safety

In the world of industrial safety, every advance counts, every innovation can make the difference between life and death, between efficient operations and dangerous situations. One such recent innovation that is beginning to make inroads into warehouses and industrial sites is the projection of light panels on the floor. This revolutionary technique promises to dramatically improve the safety of workers and visitors in environments where vigilance is paramount.

Technology in action

Imagine entering a warehouse where the floors themselves seem to warn you of potential dangers. Illuminated signs projected onto the floor demarcate safety zones, indicate evacuation routes and warn of impending dangers. This technology uses LIGHTPUB LED spotlights to display messages, symbols or instructions directly on the floor, providing clear, instant visual guidance.

Enhanced safety and accident prevention

One of the greatest benefits of this innovation is its ability to prevent accidents. Illuminated floor signs can indicate danger zones, such as slippery areas, forklift traffic zones, or even areas where the ground is unstable. These visual warnings help reduce the risk of accidents by immediately alerting workers to potential hazards nearby.

Orientation and Evacuation

In addition to accident prevention, the projection of illuminated signs on the floor can also be used to orientate people in complex environments. In the event of fire or other emergencies, these signs can clearly indicate evacuation routes, facilitating a quick and safe exit for all occupants of the warehouse or industrial site.

Instant communication

Another outstanding feature of this technology is its ability to provide instant, dynamic communication. Messages can be quickly adapted as required, whether it's new safety warnings, changes to routes, or even specific instructions for ongoing operations.

Reduced costs and maintenance

In addition to the safety benefits, the projection of illuminated signs on the ground also offers potential savings in terms of costs and maintenance. Unlike traditional signs, these projections require no physical materials to install or maintain. What's more, their durability is often superior, as they are less likely to be damaged by incidents such as forklift impacts or accidental handling.


In conclusion, the projection of illuminated signs on the floor represents a significant advance in the field of industrial safety. By providing clear, instant visual guidance, it helps prevent accidents, orient people in emergencies and facilitate communication in complex industrial environments. With its many advantages, this innovation is set to play a key role in creating safer, more efficient working environments.

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Signs prohibiting pallet storage

Signs prohibiting pallet storage

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