Projection panneau lumineux attention chariot élévateur

Avoid Accidents with Illuminated "Attention Chariot" Signs: An Innovative Solution for Workplace Safety

Safety in factories and warehouses is a top priority. Forklift trucks, while crucial to logistics and materials handling, can present a considerable risk to pedestrians moving in the same work areas. To effectively prevent accidents and improve safety, more and more companies are adopting an innovative approach by using "Attention Chariot" illuminated sign projectors developed by LIGHTPUB.

There are three main reasons why our illuminated safety signage technology is so successful:

Solution for the trivialization of prevention messages and lack of interactivity:

In co-activity zones, conventional signage is no longer seen, and the prevention message is no longer received. The return of bad habits and a lack of vigilance often lead to accidents.

Solution for floor markings that don't hold up

Painted, resin-coated or adhesive markings don't hold up over time, due to the frequent passage of forklift trucks. As a result, they have to be redone on a regular basis, which entails maintenance work that interferes with the running of your business.

Solution for wet sales, the food industry and technically "markable".

Our technology enables visible, high-impact signage to be produced on any type of floor (tiled, damp, dusty, etc.).

The importance of industrial and logistical safety in the workplace

Safety in the workplace must never be neglected. Accidents in the workplace can lead to serious injury, high costs in terms of medical care and equipment repairs, and disruption to daily operations. That's why accident prevention is crucial.

Lighted "Attention Chariot" Signs: A Safety Innovation

1. Improved visibility :

Attention Chariot" illuminated signs are designed to improve the visibility of moving forklifts. They project a powerful beam of light onto the ground, creating a clearly delineated area that instantly attracts the attention of pedestrians. This enhanced visibility enables pedestrians to quickly detect the presence of a forklift truck nearby, even in low-light conditions.

2. Real-time alerts :

These illuminated signs can be equipped with advanced sensors and detection systems. When a forklift approaches an area frequented by pedestrians, the sign can react in real time by projecting visual warnings, for example by flashing or displaying a message such as "Attention, chariot en mouvement". This enables pedestrians and forklift drivers to react quickly and safely.

3. Easy customization and integration :

"Attention Chariot" illuminated signs can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. They can be integrated into your existing safety management system, and programmed to adapt to different forklift routes. What's more, installation is quick and inexpensive compared to other safety solutions.

Investing in Innovation for Enhanced Safety

Investing in "Attention Chariot" illuminated signs demonstrates your company's commitment to the safety of its employees and operations. Not only does this reduce the risk of accidents, it can also help prevent costly production stoppages and improve your company's overall productivity.

Employee and operational safety is essential to any business. Attention Chariot" illuminated signs offer an innovative solution for preventing accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians. Their enhanced visibility, real-time alerts and easy customization make them a smart choice for boosting safety on your site. By investing in this technology, you're not only protecting your staff, but also demonstrating that safety is a top priority for your company.

Don't leave safety to chance. Opt for "Attention Chariot" illuminated signs and take another step towards a safer, more efficient workplace.