LED floor spotlight for industry and logistics
  • LED floor spotlight for industry and logistics
  • Floor-mounted green light line for industrial and logistics warehouses
  • Red light line on the floor, forklift storage
  • Luminous rectangles on the floor to delimit storage areas
  • Ground lighting line pedestrian walkway logistics warehouse
  • Light line projection wet soil food processing

50 watt LED Zoom line spotlight

50 watt LED Zoom line spotlight

Colour: Green
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50 watt LED Zoom line spotlight

A high-quality, energy-efficient spotlight made in Europe. This spotlight is equipped with LED technology, which is authorized for ground-based light line generation (unlike laser, which represents an additional risk).

Designed for use in industry and logistics. Its PMMA lens, not glass, makes it suitable for use above or near food production lines.

Main applications for this product

  • creation of pedestrian traffic aisles,
  • ground zoning
  • ,
  • creation of forklift turning area,
  • ground temporary storage.

Technical information for this illuminated line spotlight:

  • Technology: LED,
  • LED power: 50 Watts,
  • Recommended installation height (depending on lighting environment): 3-7 meters,
  • Power supply: external transformer (supplied), 100-305Vac / 50-60Hz,
  • Projector control: on/off switch on power-up,
  • Optics: patented with integrated zoom for projection ratio of X 1.0 (line length = projection distance x 1.0),
  • Selectable light line color: green (525nm, recommended), yellow (580nm), red (620nm),
  • Protection rating: IP65,
  • Operating range :
  • -40°C to +50°C,
  • Mechanical protection: IK08,
  • Photobioligic hazard classification: RG1,
  • Construction materials: spotlight body (anodized aluminum), mounting bracket (painted steel), screws (stainless steel), lens (PMMA), seals (EPDM), lens holder (PVC),
  • Weight :
  • 2.7 kg (spotlight), external transformer (0.65 kg),
  • Spotlight dimensions: 24cm (length) x 22cm (width) x 6.5cm (height),
  • External transformer dimensions: 18cm (length) x 6.3cm (width) x 3.6cm (height),
  • Fixing: pre-drilled plate.

Dimensions of light line projected onto the ground

Installation height Line length Width
3 metersmeterscm
4 metersmeterscm
5 metersmeterscm
6 metersmeterscm
7 metersmeters 10 cm

Important information for using this light line projector

Not suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces (only suitable for non-combustible surfaces).

Power cables, interconnecting cables or external wiring must be heat-resistant (80°C).

Active parts not accessible after opening by hand or with heat-resistant tools (cl. 4.29 EN 60598-1, cl. 5.6 EN 60598-2-5).

Minimum projection distance of luminaires: 3 meters.


Data sheet

50 Watts
Industrie / Logistique
Usage intensif
Dissipateur thermique
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50 watt LED Zoom line spotlight

50 watt LED Zoom line spotlight

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