Illuminated ground signage for public transport
  • Illuminated ground signage for public transport

Illuminated ground signage for public transport

Illuminated ground signage for public transport

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Illuminated ground signage for public transport

The projection of directional light arrows on the ground in public transport represents a significant innovation for guiding passengers and making customer traffic flow more smoothly, for several reasons:

Intuitive orientation :

Illuminated arrows offer immediate visual guidance that is easily understood by everyone, regardless of language barriers. This enables users to quickly find their way around the often complex spaces of stations and subway passages.

Passenger flow management:

By clearly indicating directions to entrances, exits, connections or services, these light signals help to distribute passenger flows more efficiently, reducing congestion and bottlenecks.

Increased safety :

Floor projection is particularly visible and less likely to be obstructed by crowds than overhead signs or screens. This helps passengers to react more quickly to emergency situations or temporary route modifications.

Operational flexibility:

Projection systems can be easily modified to accommodate temporary needs or last-minute changes, such as maintenance work, special events or service modifications. This enables dynamic management of space and passenger flows.

Enhanced customer experience:

By providing clear orientation and smoothing journeys, these systems help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with travelling on public transport, particularly in large metropolises or for travellers unfamiliar with the network.

Adaptability and technological innovation:

This approach can be integrated with other technological innovations, such as mobile applications or augmented reality systems, to provide an enriched, hyper-personalized user experience.

Improved aesthetics and signage:

In addition to their practical function, light projections can be designed to integrate harmoniously with the aesthetics of the space, helping to create a more pleasant, less austere environment.

In short, directional light arrow projection on the ground in public transport is an innovation that meets the challenges of wayfinding, passenger flow management, safety, operational flexibility and improved customer experience, while offering opportunities for integration with other technologies and an aesthetic contribution to transport spaces.

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Illuminated ground signage for public transport

Illuminated ground signage for public transport

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