Safety Light SL150 panel spotlight
  • Safety Light SL150 panel spotlight

Safety Light SL80 sign spotlight

Safety Light SL80 sign spotlight

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Safety Light SL80 sign spotlight

Use: indoors.
Projection: fixed.
Visual: 1 interchangeable visual (gobo).
ocusing: manual via lens adjustment.
Optics: X 0.35.Projectors
Recommended projection distance: 2-4 meters (indoors by day) / 5-20 meters (at night).
LED: 80 Watts (Osram), 30,000 hours, 7000 K, no UV or infrared emissions.
Luminous flux: 7200 lumens.
Switch-on delay: virtually instantaneous light output.

Dimensions & Weight: 21(L)x26(H)25(W)cm - 4 kg.
Electrical connection: external transformer supplied with 2-pole + earth plug.
Power supply: 110-240V - 50/60HZ.
Operating environment : -20° to +40°.
Construction: alumium body.
Cooling: heat sink and fan.
Mounting: wall, ceiling, IPN metal structure, floor, cable-suspended.
Projector orientation :lyre with adjustment screw for 180° single-axis orientation.
Certifications: CE, RoHS.

Why invest in Light Pub technology?

Investing in a Light Pub projector can make a significant contribution to accident prevention in a company. Here are just a few reasons why it could be a wise decision:

  • 1.Increased visibility:
    Illuminated sign projectors can improve visibility, especially in potentially dangerous areas.
  • They can highlight warning signs, danger zones and safety instructions, helping to draw employees' attention to crucial information. 2
  • . Rapid communication:
    Illuminated sign projectors can be used to transmit messages in real time.
  • In the event of an emergency or a sudden change in safety procedures, these devices enable rapid and effective communication to quickly inform staff.

  • .Reducing the risk of accidents:
    By making warnings more visible and providing clear information, illuminated sign projectors help to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Workers are more likely to be aware of potential hazards and follow appropriate safety instructions.

  • .
  • Orientation in the dark:
    In work environments where lighting may be insufficient, illuminated sign projectors can help orient employees and minimize the risk of tripping or falling.

  • Compliance with safety standards:
    In many industries, there are strict workplace safety regulations.
  • The use of illuminated sign projectors can help ensure compliance with standards by ensuring that essential safety information is clearly visible.

  • Ongoing awareness:
    Illuminated sign projectors can be programmed to periodically broadcast safety awareness messages.
  • This helps to maintain a safety culture within the company by regularly reminding employees of good practices and safety instructions.

  • Replacing paint markings that don't last:
    Our virtual light marking technology replaces paint markings that don't last. 8.
  • Paintless virtual floor marking using light:
    Our technology for projecting light panels onto the floor is ideal for damp, dusty, tiled floors, or floors requiring intensive daily cleaning.It's also a solution for food production environments where paint is not permitted due to the solvents present.

By investing in this type of technology, a company demonstrates its commitment to employee safety, which can not only reduce the costs associated with workplace accidents, but also improve productivity by creating a safer, more efficient working environment.

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Safety Light SL80 sign spotlight

Safety Light SL80 sign spotlight

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