98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight
  • 98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight
  • Overhead crane ground lighting line
  • Illuminated overhead crane safety signs
  • Warning light for overhead handling
  • Light line cart hoist overhead crane

98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight

98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight

Colour: Blue
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98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight

A high-quality, energy-efficient spotlight made in Europe. This projector is equipped with LED technology, which is authorized for ground-based light line generation (unlike laser, which represents an additional risk).

Our innovative product is a real warning light for prevention and safety during overhead handling operations and when using an overhead crane.

Main applications for this light line projector for overhead cranes :

  • lighted prevention zone on the ground during overhead handling operations,
  • lighted prevention grid around the lifted load,
  • lighted prevention and safety warning for overhead cranes,
  • lighted line projected on the ground for overhead cranes, moving with the crane's movement.

Technical information for this light line projector for hoists:

  • Technology: LED,
  • LED power: 98 Watts,
  • Recommended installation height (depending on lighting environment): 8-20 meters,
  • Power supply: external transformer (supplied), 90-305Vac / 50-60Hz,
  • Projector control: on/off switch on power-up,
  • Light line color: blue (525nm, recommended), red on request but less bright (620nm),
  • Protection rating: IP65,
  • Operating range:
  • -40°C to +60°C,
  • Mechanical protection: IK08,
  • Photobioligical hazard classification: RG1 (for distances greater than 10.61 m; for smaller distances, RG2),
  • Construction materials: spotlight body (anodized aluminum), mounting bracket (painted steel), screws (stainless steel), lens (PMMA), seals (EPDM), lens holder (PVC),
  • Weight:
  • 4.2 kg,
  • Projector dimensions: 26cm (length) x 28.5cm (width) x 23cm (height),
  • External transformer dimensions: 18cm (length) x 6.3cm (width) x 3.6cm (height),
  • Fixing: pre-drilled plate.

Dimensions of light line projected onto the ground

Installation height Line length Width
8 meters.2 meters 12 cm
12 metersmeters 17 cm
12 meters 10 meters 22 cm
18 meters 12 meters 26 cm
20 meters 13 meters 30 cm


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98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight

98 watt LED overhead crane spotlight

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