Illuminated safety signs

Illuminated prevention and safety signs for industry and logistics. Find out more about our LED sign and light line projectors.

We offer three product ranges to meet all your signage and hazard prevention needs, thanks to our recognized technological innovations.

Informing, signalling and warning through light - that's the DNA of LIGHT PUB EUROPE.

Illuminated prevention and safety signs for industry and logistics.


  • Intensive use - Sign...

    Heavy-duty range with a high level of customization

    Heavy-duty signage projectors for hazard prevention and warning in industry. Management of forklift flows and prevention of accidents between forklifts and pedestrians using light.

    This range of illuminated sign projectors is designed for intensive use in industrial and logistics environments. Cooling is provided by an oversized heat sink and active ventilation.

    Highly customizable: power, custom optics and control modes.

  • Safety Light headlamps

    Safety Light is a range of low-cost spotlights for illuminated signs or signage, suitable for use with detection ignition.

  • Illuminated line...

    Light line projectors with LED technology for logistics and industry.

  • Vehicle headlamps

    LED safety and prevention signage projectors for rolling stock.

  • Accessories

    Illuminated signage accessories for industry and logistics.

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