Illuminated advertising

UX lighting for retail, merchandising and branding. Discover how LIGHT PUB's flat design light projection technology revolutionizes your communication and signage.

Our products are used for ERP signage, advertising, customer path organization, merchandising and architecture.

UX lighting by projecting luminous images on the ground for retail, signage and architecture


  • Illuminated logo...

    Illuminated logo projector and signage for merchandising, retail and point-of-sale.

  • Holographic screen

    A high-brightness window display to grab attention and sell more. HOLOBOOST holographic propellers are ideal for window installations to communicate, get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

    HOLOBOOST technology boosts your visibility and sales, whether in-store, at trade fairs or in street marketing.

    Quick and easy to install, the impact is immediately maximal!

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